music is meant to be memorable and dj krysti kicks is all about making memories.  we'll begin with a consultation to figure out exactly what kind of mood you want to set for your special event.  all music will be hand curated and tailored to your specific event. 

nothing is out of the realm of possibility.


​​​music has always been the greatest constant in my life. when i was small i remember roller skating in the unfinished basement of my house to all my dad's records. I sat for hours next to my boom box waiting for that perfect song to come on so i could record it onto cassette and keep it forever. i made mix tapes for all my friends and loved ones. now, i am a DJ on a local radio station and am a mobile event dj. it is very rare for me not to have music on all the time.  i can mix anything from pop, hip hop, electronic, country and I'll even do metal if that's what your heart desires.

I believe that a good DJ will play the records you want to hear, but a great DJ will play the records you didn't even know you wanted to hear.